Nullam non urna eros.

Nur Lia:

"Hi, I have just used for almost 2 weeks. My daughter is suffering from chronic atopic eczema, while I am having allergic rhinitis.
So far, it helped a lot with cleaning her bed since she always scratches due to dry skin.
It's easy for me now as I have to do it everyday. Now, I change the bedsheet 3-4 days once, compared to daily before this. The scratching has reduced significantly too. I am happy with Atocare."

Jaimie Lee:

"Just want to say thanks for answering my queries. My son has been coughing non stop for a month & he has been given alot of medicines which the doctor say is due to narrow windpipe. But after using the Atocare to vacuum that night, his coughing at night significantly lessen by 50%.
Not sure if it is a coincidence but his coughing does reduce over the days & we no loner have to give him any medication . I thought I had remove alot of the dustmites the first time, but 4 days later when i vacuum again, there were still quite alot of stuff collected & that was considering I only vacuum his cot mattress which is a pretty small area. So I would like to recommend your product to my friends."

Admern Chee:

"The Atocare has helped me to clean a lot of fine dust that I didn't know was inside my sofa and mattress. That's more than enough to show me its effectiveness.
In terms of allergies, my new born son has not shown any so let hope that the Atocare would prevent instead of aiding right now.
The gentleman who came to pass us the Atocare was good and could explain the details of how to use it. He was quite patient to our many questions."

Kimberly K:

"This feedback is long overdue.I used to wake up in the middle of the night, sneezing non stop.
My daughter is also having this throat irritation for the longest time. Trips to the doctors don't help her at all.
After using the atocare, my allergy in the night has disappeared completely and my girl's throat discomfort has lessened noticeably. Thank you."

Lawrence Goh:

"I was at first skeptical about paying over three hundred dollars for a machine that I have never use for dust mite cleaning before but after trying it for the first usage I actually slept better.
I use to wake up in the middle of the night with little itch here and there. After, using the Atocare for a couple of weeks I no longer suffer that problem.
I Atocare clean my mattress once every two weeks but I use the uv light cleaning once every three days and also has a handy portable vacumn cleaner which I use everyday. I bought my Atocare at the mall outside Kovan where they where promoting it. Yes, your colleague was courteous and helpful."

Angela Tan:

"I'm impressed with the machine. The first time when I tried myself, I wasn't so sure because the amount of dust was very little. But the 2nd day when I tried again with more "strength", I'm sold. The mattresses are so dirty!
My boys rashes have reduced alot and they hardly wake up from sinus for the past week. But it's too soon to tell as my boys are actually allergic to dust. Overall it helped reduced alot of my headache. Haha
As for your delivery guy, he's very polite. I give the machine 9/10 because we really need to use quite abit of strength when vacuuming and after just 1 mattress, my arms start to ache but I'm definitely impressed. Thank you!"

Patsy Tan:

"I choose this cleaner as it has a 650W motor which made it powerful. I can see the dust accumulate from the transparent cyclone.
I like it come with 3 modes, indeed it is a very useful machine. Your delivery staff is very polite and professional.
He is very patient when doing the demo and answering all my queries."

Jennifer Tee:

"It's been a week since I got my Autocare cleaner. My son's eczema has shown vast improvement.
In the past, we tried all kinds of moistuisers but all do not work. My gal has sensitive airways and her nose is always block.
I don't hear her noisy breathing at night. Every time I used it, I am surprised that I see so much dust in the filter. The product is also easy to use. Just fix the filter and you are set. After use, just take the filter out to clean. Though it did make my arms ache a little the first as I am not a house work person. But it gets better. I can feel my arms getting stronger.:"


"Very efficient. Don't be fooled by the size. It's a pocket rocket! Shocked to see the amount of dust on my bed and sofas.
Definitely a five star product."

Samanta Lee:

"I simply love this product, it has helped reduce my son's sinus problem which he gets every morning. Also after vacuuming, the bed smells fresh and feels warm.
I was surprised, at how dirty my fabric sofa and beds were, the first time i used it, i had to clear the HEPA filter twice. Thats how much dust, dirt and dustmites there where. I would really recommend every mother to get this product."


"Dear Laetita, I have been using your vacuum machine for the past few months and it works fine. I like it and I am especially impressed by the service (last time when I had a problem, your engineer called me within an hour after my enquiry).
So a friend of mine is coming to Singapore from China this month and I am thinking of buying another one for him (for him to take back to China). Thanks."

Chong Zhi Mao:

"Just did a trial run on my bed sheet washed a day before and was surprise by the amount of dust the vacuum cleaner managed to gather. Good product that comes along with a detailed user manual."

Jolene Teh:

"Have bought yr atocare vacuum recently n really impress with yr company service in terms of response n demo person."

Wong Kim Lan:

"The vacuum cleaner is very handy and user friendly. My grandson has a very sensitive nose and narrow windpipe so he always suffer from running nose and cough. Our family doctor told us to buy an air purifying machine to put in his bed room. So happen there was an exhibition held at Spore Expo. My daughter and I went down to see what we can buy from there. We happened to walk pass a stall selling Atocare UV vacuum cleaner. After hearing the gentleman's convincing explanation and demo, my daughter decided to buy one.

Now a day, whenever the maid changes our bed sheets, she will use the vacuum to suck out the dust mite from all the mattress, pillows, bolsters and even quit cover and blanket. The maid also use the vacuum to clean our fabric window blinds. Since after using the Atocare UV vacuum cleaner, I would said my grandson's condition has been improved a lot. He has no more cough and running nose and even his skin rash also completely cured without any medication used."


"Have been using the vacuum every week and find my boy allergies better. no more sneezing every morning. And by seeing the amount of dust being suck out I cant think of how much have gone into our nose. Glad to have got the machine and its value for money."


"The product is good and easy to handle it for vacuum the bed. Only washing the filter a bit difficult to wash n clean out the dust . For fabrics , it might stick to the vacuum cleaner like pillow case etc. Once my child has shown sign of sudden coughing n blocking noise, I will vacuum bed, pillow and blanket. Immediate the night, the coughing stop and blocking noise better. And they have good sleep on that night ."